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Writing should be colorful

Let your words flow

Let's enjoy enjoy smooth sailing

 I can help you  present your book

in print or on Kindle or on line

so it's free of errors and well-written

I'll edit 10 pages at no charge.

I know you will continue with me,

but if not, keep my work.

I'll demonstrate that

I CAN help you.

Limited Time Offer

Reading is my passion

Writing is my fun

Accuracy is my numero uno

Errors are my bitter pill

I 'll help edit your words so

Your OWN voice can shine through

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Writers cannot edit their own words



I can edit your words...I am an editor


My editing entails a 3 step process:

1.  Read the entire manuscript

2.  Edit in Word

3.  Accept corrections and read again


      It's time consuming, but helps eliminate errors

      I return 2 copies to the author:

                1.  the one with the markups showing

                2. the clean one with  the corrections accepted

You are the creator

You own the voice

Your voice must make the choice


I'm in love with love.

 I've been enjoying

my work editing romance,

but for 20 years, I 've been  engaged in non-fiction, including research and  health.


I look forward to working with you

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This website is

my design

I can custom design

a website for you

The book that I wrote with my daughter. Info available on our website



1/2 cent per word

of your Word Doc

Try my FREE offer

I look forward to

working with you

FEES for basic editing

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